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UK public record archives are publicly available archives that are easily indexed to cross-refference just about any personal information. Public information is a huge part of every citizen's daily life. Public records are who we are and whether we are applying for a home loan or seeking employment our society depends on information and the ability to access infomation easily. Public information or a public record is piece of information that may contain individual; background information, criminal history, employment history, credit information,  civil and vital records, email addresses, sex offender information, address and phone number, and other vital personal information. Public background checks are often requested by employers, renters, contractors, public offices for applicants, especially on those that are seeking a high security job or a position of power, such as in a government jobs, military, banks, schools, hospitals, financial institution, airports, etc. Public background checks have been performed in the past by paying someone to do the research for you but this is now a thing of the past.. With Global Info Resources you can access information from around the globe and easily index what ever record type you might be searching for. Lookup just about anything on any person including yourself. Be in the global information circle and get access to personal information and public records from around the world in minutes. The average search with our resources takes less than 5 minutes. If you can't find what you are looking for we also show you where you can look and access additional resources. Verify someone's identity or research their background, you can lookup anyone's public information including: doctors, physicians, mechanics, neighbors, dates, teachers, friends, family, and even your own public information. Not all information is accurate or up to date so make sure that you use multiple forms of information to verify that you are finding exactly what you are looking for and for the correct person.